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[Mechworld has temporary been put on hold, as a side-feature of the game turned into a new prototype game that stole all the focus! Check out the development of CONVOY]

With Mechworld we're making a game that caters to all of "Bartle's Player Archetypes" by adapting the core mechanics from different genres and combining them to create a completely new gameplay

The intense action and unique class system from the MOBA genre is translated into high paced close quarter combat in dense city streets, mech vs mech vs mech with npc human resistance throwing molotovs from windows and further ramping up the action.

Strategic players will have to build bases and defense systems at key positions across the map to control certain resources and claim domination over important hotspots, while the social player will enjoy trading rare gear, advanced weaponry and technology with explorers who have survived days or weeks in the punishing deserts and arctic storms or with the achievers returning with the loot from a quest against a npc human resistance training camp.

Join us at Mechworld.io and connect on the discord server Discord.io

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